My Talks

Upcoming: NULLcon Berlin 2024 (14-15.03.2024)

"Open sesame - or how secure is your stuff in electronic lockers" @ NULLcon Berlin

Chaos Communication Congress 2023 (Hamburg 27-30.12.2023)

"Sucking dust and cutting grass: reversing robots and bypassing security" @ 37C3

Australian Cyber Conference 2023 (Melbourne 17-19.10.2023)

"Unveiling the Hidden World of Robot Vacuum Security" @ AISA Cybercon

NULLcon Goa 2023 (Goa 23-24.09.2023)

"IoT Hacking 101: Reverse Engineering the Xiaomi Ecosystem" @ NULLcon Goa

DEFCON31 (Las Vegas 10-13.08.2023), Chaos Communication Camp (Mildenberg 15-20.08.2023)

"Vacuum robot security and privacy - prevent your robot from sucking your data" @ DEFCON31 maintrack

DEFCON29 (Las Vegas 06-08.08.2021)

"Robots with lasers and cameras (but no security): Liberating your vacuum from the cloud" @ DEFCON29 maintrack

DEFCON 27 IoT Village (Las Vegas 08-11.08.2019), Chaos Communication Camp (Mildenberg 21-25.08.2019)

Privacy leaks in smart devices: Extracting data from used smart home devices @ DEFCON27 IoT village
Privacy leaks in smart devices: Extracting data from used smart home devices @ CCCamp 2019 (more complete than DC27)

BeVX 2018 (Hong Kong 20-21.09.2018)

"Not all IoT Devices are Created Equal: Reverse Engineering of Xiaomi's IoT ecosystem" @ BeVX 2018

DEFCON26 and DEFCON26 IoT Village (Las Vegas 09-12.08.2018)

"Having fun with IoT: Reverse Engineering and Hacking of Xiaomi IoT Devices" @ DEFCON26 101-track
"How-to modify ARM Cortex-M based firmware: A step-by-step approach for Xiaomi devices" @ DEFCON26 IoT Village

HITCON 14 Community (Taipei 27-28.07.2018)

"Reverse Engineering 101 of the Xiaomi IoT ecosystem" @ HITCON14 CMT

REcon BRX 2018 (Brussels 02-04.02.2018)

"Reversing IoT: Xiaomi Ecosystem" @ RECON BRX 2018.

Chaos Communication Congress 2017 (34C3) (Leipzig 27-30.12.2017)

"Unleash your smart-home devices: Vacuum Cleaning Robot Hacking": @ 34C3

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