Having fun with IoT: Reverse Engineering and Hacking of Xiaomi IoT Devices

Dennis Giese

Event: DEFCON 26

Date: 2018/08/11


While most IoT accessory manufacturers have a narrow area of focus, Xiaomi, an Asian based vendor, controls a vast IoT ecosystem, including smart lightbulbs, sensors, cameras, vacuum cleaners, network speakers, electric scooters and even washing machines. In addition, Xiaomi also manufactures smartphones. Their products are sold not only in Asia, but also in Europe and North America. The company claims to have the biggest IoT platform worldwide.

In my talk, I will give a brief overview of the most common, Wi-Fi based, Xiaomi IoT devices. Their devices may have a deep integration in the daily life (like vacuum cleaners, smart toilet seats, cameras, sensors, lights).

I will focus on the features, computational power, sensors, security and ability to root the devices. Letís explore how you can have fun with the devices or use them for something useful, like mapping Wi-Fi signal strength while vacuuming your house. I will also cover some interesting things I discovered while reverse engineering Xiaomi's devices and discuss which protections were deployed by the developers (and which not).

Be prepared to see the guts of many of these devices. We will exploit them and use them to exploit other devices.

Presentation slides(PDF) on media.defcon.org
Recording of my talk (Youtube)
Locally hosted files
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